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“One Man…One Camera…One City” will be a reoccurring feature here on MauriceandMarquess.  We will be touring cities around the globe armed with just our camera and our unique perspective, hence the name “One Man…One Camera…One City”,.  A perspective that only the geniuses here at Maurice and Marquess can provide.  Our first stop…non-other than the city some refer to as “Sin City” Las Vegas where I  will hit the Las Vegas strip during this weekend’s much-anticipated “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather v.s. “Sugar” Shane Mosley championship fight.  And before you wonder no we wont be ringside providing you with up-to-date blow-by-blow coverage.  If ringside fight coverage is what you’re looking to go visit my boy Max Kellerman over at (shouts out to our folks over at hbo sports, Max catch us Tao Saturday night for the official post-fight after party shots are on the crew).  Maurice and Marquess is going to provide you with the bird’s-eye view of the Las Vegas strip during the fight weekend.

Throughout the year we also plan to visit cultural melting pots and notorious party cities such as: South Beach – Miami during this summer’s Black Film Festival,  Atlanta – Georgia during the official start of summer Memorial Day Weekend 2010, and Toronto – Ontario Canada during this year Caribanna festival so stay tuned…

It’s been a while since I’ve played Street Fighter; however, with the latest release I think I may start playing again! Maybe give my PS3 a new meaning beside watching Blu-Ray movies, lol..

Nike Dunk High Premium 08 DJ AM Memorial…

Posted: April 28, 2010 by Marquess in Fashion, Shoe Game

I’m late, but these kix are super hott! The good folks over at Kix-Files now have the DJ AM’s on sale. I’ll be ordering a a pair of 9s, soon!

Whisk(e)y Stones

“How do you chill your favorite spirits just a touch without diluting their perfectly balanced flavors? Teroforma’s Whisky Stones are made in Vermont from natural soapstone, by craftsmen of some of the oldest soapstone workshops in the United States.



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New Vid from M.I.A..Woowzers, very shocking video. Running time is 9mins…Check it out.

LET’S GO CAPS!! Game 7 Tonight!

Posted: April 28, 2010 by Marquess in Hockey, Sports

Caps vs Canadiens  tonight @ 7!  Right now the Washington DC area is going crazy.  (more…)

Watch Mayweather Mosley 24/7 HBO Episode 3 Online

Posted: April 25, 2010 by Marquess in Boxing, Sports

Great Episode!  1 Week until fight time!