Scents for the Spring…ladies edition

Posted: April 21, 2010 by Maurice in Perfume, Style

While enjoying a warm Spring-time Sunday in Georgetown with a lady friend I find myself walking down the crowded sidewalk and then suddenly pulled into a random store by her.  As soon as I get my bearings together I realized that she has just brought me into Sephora perfume shop, a favorite of all women.  Next thing you know she has me smelling all types of female perfumes from Prada for women to Lolita Lempicka.  However, one scent in particular caught my attention.  “Delecious Cotton Candy” for women by Gale Hayman. Now when it usually comes to women fragrances I prefer
a woman who is wearing a nice light smelling lotion or body spray as I find most female perfumes to be a bit over powering.  But with this scent was something different it literally smelled like a light version of actual cotton candy.  I made she made this one of her purchase and fellas if you have a special lady in your life I suggestion you cop a bottle for her and you will thank me later.  However, make sure she only wears it around you because if I run into her while she is wearing it we may have situation…just playing. You can find this perfume in your area wherever high end perfumes are sold
as well as the usual online shops.  Notes: blend of Orange, Bergamot, Clementine, Cotton Candy, Lilly of the Valley, Fig leaves, Brown Sugar, Strawberry, Plum, Licorice, Vanilla, Caramel, Cedarwood, and Musk. The 3.3 oz bottle retails for $58.00.


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