“They pit the Lifers against the New Boys, the Young against the Old, the Black against the White, everybody, to keep us in our place!”

Posted: April 21, 2010 by Marquess in Politics, TV

Above is a referenced quote from the 1978 movie “Blue Collar” staring great acts such as the late Richard Pryor, Harvey Keitel, and Yaphet Kotto.  I had the opportunity to enjoy this great film with my wife last week.  Just happen to be up late and stumbled upon this movie, and I’m glad I did.  The film with will engross you!  It’s crazy that this movie is close to 32yrs old; however the standards and times (recession) I can relate too.  If you have the opportunity to watch this great film I highly suggest you do so!  The final scene is an eye opener!


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