Drink of the Week: Brooklyn Lager

Posted: May 10, 2010 by Marquess in Drinks

With the summer around the corner, bbq’s about to start-up, what other way is there to kick back and relax with your favorite drink.  As I’ve gotten older hard liqour just aint my style; however I’m a fool for a nice cold beer.  Sure everyone has their favorites, but I’m always experimenting tasting different beers during the seasons.  I actually had the opportunity to try “Brooklyn Lager” on my trip to New York.  Great beer, really smooth, and rich.  It doesn’t leave you with that bloated, “Oh I feel like I’m pregnant feeling either”.  I hate that feeling and normally after 1 glass I can tell if this beer is going to suck, or be a winner.  This was not the case!  The taste is similar to Blue Moon and Samuel Adams if you are a wheat fan.  Now I have to figure out how to get this stuff sent to DC, since alcohol can’t be shipped to MD, or DC residentials!!  But if you have the chance of trying this I highly recommend it.

*disclaimer although these are our thoughts and opinions please drink responsibly* – Maurice and Marquess


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