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During the filming of Transformers 3 on location in the Nation’s Capitol on October 11th a D.C. Police department SUV crashed into the 2010 Yellow Chevy Camaro known as “Bumblebee”. Despite the accident their were no serious injuries to the drivers (does Bumblebee require a driver LOL) of  both vehicles.

As a D.C. native and long time Transformers fan I have a funny suspicion that there is “more than meets the eye” here!  I suspect this  may have been the work of Megatron and the Decepticons…stay tuned…


That’s right   Maurice and Marquess have declared “Ashton Martin Music”  the official jam of the weekend!   Just because you don’t own an Ashton Martin doesn’t exclude you from bumping this joint in your Chevy Tahoe,  Saturn, or your Honda Accord,  hell bump this b*tch on your Ipod while riding the train and call it “Metro Music”.

The latest single from Rick Ross’ album “Teflon Don” features the vocals of Chrisette Michele along with Drake.  However, the real star of this track is the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League who produced the exceptional beat.   Make sure you crank this one up to fully enjoy the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League’s production as you bump this jam and enjoy the weekend. Peace!

Mansory’s 1,100hp Vincero Bugatti Veyron

Posted: September 26, 2010 by Marquess in Cars
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Every wondered what a tuned or modified Bugatti Veyron might look like?  Well it looks like Masonry is the first to customize the 1,100HP Beast.


Just Naasstttyyy!  Peep the vid if you don’t mind whiplash.

For more info checkout :

Little Red Rydin Hood….Ferrari 599 GTO

Posted: May 10, 2010 by Marquess in Automotive, Cars


Well I was just asked a really tough question, on which would I prefer a date with infamous “Stacey Dash (dizzaam)” or a test drive of the new Ferrari 599 GTO ?  Decisions, decisions….Sex and Cars go together like Rock N Roll, but whose gonna love me better in the morning!?   Dammit!   With Stacey’s track record, I’d have to settled for Ferrari 599 GTO  hands down.  I love Eye Candy and this baby is definately it!  Just the roar of the engine is sexy itself.  This car truely is amazing!