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A little ingenuity goes a long way…this new hoodie from hoodiebuddie allows you to plug your Ipod/Iphone into a audio jack which then directs the audio output to the hoodie strings. The strings have ear-buds on the ends which fit nicely into your ear.   Some may think your weird when they see your hoodie strings in your ears, but hey isn’t that what individuality is all about. This could prove useful for the college students bored by those boring lectures.

The HoodieBuddie is now available in many different colors and styles. Best of all HoodieBuddie is extremely affordable at a mere 44$. For those interested please visit

The weather is warm,  memorial day is right around the corner, the unofficial start of summer is here, and with the school year coming to an end the last thing any student wants to hear  is “back to school”.  That is of course unless its  Apple offering free Ipods with the purchase of a Mac workstation or laptop.  Now until September 7th Apple is offering students, school staff, and faculty who purchase a Mac and an Ipod together a full rebate equal to the price of the Ipod.  Essentialy when you purchase a Mac you will recieve a free Ipod.  The deal is you have to purchase both at the same time and wait 4 to 8 weeks for Apple to mail you a full price rebate for the Ipod. (more…)